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Jerrico U. – Back In The Day

My Name is Jerrico  U., I was born in Brunswick, Maine. My father was stationed at the Marine base there. I left when I was 4 months old and the family trekked to Texas (Houston) where we lived till I was 4 years old, we then moved to Sacramento California where I grew up from about 5-6 years old until 7 years ago when I relocated to Bend, Oregon (My family followed the next year moving to Redmond 15 minutes away). Now I live in the Majestic Beauty that is Redmond Oregon where I’ve lived and worked for this company 7 of the 9 years I’ve been with them.


Many folks are not familiar with what a content “reviewer” is. What exactly is it that you do?


As a content reviewer, I make sure that the article is formatted correctly (the first- 3-4 paragraphs for a small article) and so on. I make sure the first paragraph is about the other 3, an overview of what’s to come, not bland or useless common sense information.


I then run all work through Grammarly to check for obvious errors, spelling, punctuation, extra or missing words, that kind of thing. Once that’s complete I’ll read the article and make sure sentence structure is correct, fix anything that Grammarly didn’t catch (like context), then I’ll fix small issues or easily overlooked issues- UNLESS they keep happening then I reject the work letting the writer know what issues exist.


Overall, what are your impressions of our writers at


In my experience with this company, most of the writers are doing amazing work, some never have a single rejection.


What is your process for reviewing content — you are known as amazingly efficient — what’s your secret? Blog - Staff - Jerrico U Blog – Staff – Jerrico U

I use a systematic approach to reviewing work. I load up often 100 tabs across 3 browsers (I even have an automation macro tool to load all 100 at the same time) and I’ll check the titles across all of them, then go back and run Grammarly on all of them, then check each one and pass or fail (following the rest of the process I mentioned, checking the first paragraph after format etc.


Jerrico, what motivates you to keep doing this job? What helps you to stay motivated?


What turns me on about this Job? EVERYTHING. I love what I do, and reviewing is just one part of it. I get to work at my own pace and do things my way, how many jobs give you that kind of freedom to thrive? I don’t have a mean boss, in fact, the ownership/management are patient, and if they trust you to do the job they will just let you do it. As much as I like talking to the bosses, at work I like to just be left to my own accord and I find brilliant ways to do my job thanks to technologies available, freedom to do it my way, and they don’t hesitate to tell you when you do something right, above and beyond, and when you do something wrong, they are patient to see you fix it. Blog - Staff - Jerrico U
Yes, you can earn as an online content producer!

To me this job, a job I’ve held with them for over 9 years, nearly a decade- seems magical and it’s exactly what I have a passion for so I don’t feel like I work a day in my life; that motivates me to go above and beyond the call of duty and I always do that. As a writer for this same company I made a lot of money, I was so excited to see you CAN make THOUSANDS of dollars a month working online exclusively- in fact below is my first paycheck from the company (well, first full month) I call this picture “The MayFlower” because it was a check for May’s work, but it also brought me to another new realm of being, it created a career, one I can feel proud of.


This is roughly 2,187.00- a direct cashing of my paycheck.

Over $2,000 In Earnings In One Month As An Writer
Over $2,000 In Earnings In One Month As An Writer

It was then that “Magical” came into the picture, and motivated me to repeat this for several months before moving into the position I hold now. So I’ve been the writers are, I’ve thrived where they are- (and I’ve failed there too, writers do get burned out if you don’t use a system that includes breaks!). This is real money from THIS company and 100% from writing ONE month of work. We have writers here who do this better than I did, in fact, they’ve made 2k a month for YEARS simply writing articles, blurbs, press releases, and so forth.

I saw how it can be done and created a system. It was this job that pulled me out of poverty, gave me a chance to spread my skillset wings, love my job, with next to no pressure (that I don’t put on myself lol)  and it continues to challenge me in ways that just make me a better person, writer, reviewer, and much more. This team of managers, reviewers, and the owner all care about the writers in their employ and I’ve witnessed many a writer thanking us for the opportunity. You can make 10.00 a month or 2,000, the work is there, and the customer already paid for it! It’s just a matter of motivation, building a system, and being methodical about it. Learning that during my writing days, made my current job phenomenally manageable and tolerable.


Do you have any advice for our newer writers?


In My Younger Days!
In My Younger Days!

If you’re skipping writing assignments because it appears dry, hard, boring- you’re doing yourself a disservice- the writers making 1k+ a month HAVE TO take those projects and after taking a few don’t find them hard at all really- so push yourself because it’s worth the paycheck, trust me! I started at the bottom when the company only wrote 100-word blurbs (extinct now), and I worked my way up through the many company evolutions and now hold a position that fulfills me, makes me feel good, and the respect you get here is incredible- game changing. Oh and one more thing, my job is and always feels “dynamic”- it’s the one thing that truly turns me on about this job- I always do new things. Sure reviewing and other tasks are the digital equivalent of flipping burgers (same thing over and over but a bit more involved) but the position I hold is due to my skill sets range- always build your skills. I love what I do because I love the people I work for, the writers that bring in my load of work (reviews), and I feel like I get to help people figure things out on the daily. You just can’t buy that in stores.


What about your background away from


Hard At Work & Being Creative - Both On- and Offline
Hard At Work & Being Creative – Both On- and Offline

I used to do a lot of blogging, writing on Hubpages, Squidoo, Wizzley, and I made some money- but now I spend a lot of time doing the work they assign me, and my focus is here. I love that I get to be a part of something big like this, I get to see how it works, how people once saw me as a writer and being able to reciprocate that love back to the writers is very satisfying. The writers themselves over the years have helped me to evolve as a person (become much more patient, and compassionate in my responses). Overall I feel the writers help me as much as I help them, and I appreciate the work they do to help the company thrive. If we work together we can all benefit. That’s the motto.


Here is some of my work online where I earned money from, before coming to this company: (There is also a bio if you’re interested):


  • Wizzley (about 200 articles) (this was actually moved from Hubpages where I earned a residual income over 6 years.
  • Bio on Wizzley (keep in mind it’s over 7 years old and although everything there is true, a lot has changed (for the better- much better). Taking on one job (that I didn’t believe was real at first, with all the online scams I literally had to see someone’s paycheck before I applied- and had I not- my life today would NOT be like it is, and I kiss the ground every day that I have this job and it keeps growing. It’s like going to school and getting paid for it!

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